Anyone who writes, whether, for business, school, or personal correspondence knows to check Grammar, spelling and other mistakes play an important part. Often it can be the difference of having your letter, document or proposal being taken to the next level or sitting in a bin somewhere. So, today I am doing a small comparison of Grammar checkers available for use to anyone in the world. If you have my guide, you’ve probably already seen how much I love Grammarly.

Since beginning writing this blog, I have personally upped my tools to ensure that:

  • I don’t look stupid filling my posts with errors.
  • I look professional, by writing well.
  • That what I mean to express is clear.

Below, we take a look at the top 3 Grammar checking tools on that market.


If you are just beginning your blog and don’t have a lot of money to spend. Among the grammar checkers, Grammarly is a great choice. In fact, it comes out on top when rated by any blogger or writer. The simple reason is they have cross platform implementation is awesome. I love that they save what I write on the site, so if my battery dies I haven’t lost everything.

Another HUGE feature is the plagiarism checker. We all look to resources on the net for information, but this feature makes certain we’re only using the data and not copy & pasting. Taking credit for someone else’s words or work. This feature isn’t found on any of the others. I am sure this is why it is used by most of the bloggers, writers, and students around the world.

Grammarly offers a free version and Premium version which is great if you are on a budget as a new writer or blogger or a student.

A negative would be the lack of text formatting. So, you can’t just copy your text and paste into a word document or blog post editor if you’ve composed via the Mac App or Website.

Grammarly Free VS Premium

Grammarly Premium Plans

White Smoke

The fact is that the White Smoke grammar checker has some great features and even some that surpass Grammarly and other grammar checkers. White Smoke has text formatting that looks similar to Microsoft Word. The only way to get that with Grammarly is thought their Windows add-on for Microsoft Word. Alternatively, by typing in your webmail or Wordpress through a browser that has their extension installed.

In addition, White Smoke has built-in templates, tutorials, and translations that anyone can have access to right from the menu. It also has a plagiarism checker as well.

While White Smoke does offer a free trial, however, to continue using it, you must buy a subscription. Aside from needing s subscription (which is less costly than Grammarly), the only negative I can see is needing an active Internet connection to use it.


I’ll be honest with you, at first glance I haven’t liked Ginger at all.

First of all, in the browser they give you a small little window to type into.

Secondly, they found errors, that weren’t even errors.

For instance, it notified me to correct the word ‘whether’ (used properly according to both Grammarly and White Smoke) to ‘weather’ saying it was the incorrect context. I subsequently changed the wording of the sentence in reference only because it irked me and not because it was erroneous. So, this is why I have listed Ginger last.

When it comes to pricing, Ginger Premium falls in between the grammar checkers, White Smoke and Grammarly. Like Grammarly, it has a free version (pitiful though it is). It has extensions for all browsers and mobile devices.

Others may have a different opinion and I would be happy to hear from you. Let me know if you have found Ginger better and why. This is merely my impression on trying out Ginger as an alternative to Grammarly and White Smoke.

Every blogger has their favorite tools, and in my opinion Ginger falls at the bottom.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I place Grammarly at the top as a Grammar Checker for new writers and bloggers. However, I also place White Smoke as a better option for those looking for premium features.

The choice is yours if you should improve your writing through the use of one of these awesome tools or continue writing posts full of errors (that even your friends might not even notice) that continue to make you look less professional and definitely sub-par when you are compared with other bloggers and writers.