Did you know that having an email list is critical to your online business? Of course you know building it takes time. This ConvertKit review explains how Convertkit makes doing this straightforward and fast.

About a month ago I went on a soul search mission of sorts. I was already using ConvertKit, but I wanted to check out others. 

I’m sure if anyone had seen me doing this, they’d cart me off. 

The thing is when you start using an ESP you have to 1) have a clear picture of how you may use it 2) Plan for future growth 3) use it to learn if it’s the best fit for you or your business. When I finally came to the conclusion that Convert Kit was the one I wanted to be sure I would never look back.

There are a lot of options out there and they all do what they are supposed to do, however finding the one that has all the features you need is key.

In this post, I’m going to share the Email Service Providers that I think are the top 3. So, stay with me to get the deets.  

Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Imdadwrites

Mailchimp Vs. Mailerlite

When you are just beginning the first email service providers you will here about are Mailchimp and Mailerlite. I’ll be honest with you, they served me well for a time. If I had to choose between the two under their free plan options, I’d choose Mailerlite every time.


For me, Mailchimp felt like a lot of work for every form I wanted to add. I felt like I was coding each one and then unlike ConvertKit or Mailerlite the forms weren’t saved in a way that made them easy to reuse.

It was this lack of retention and constant coding that pushed me to Mailerlite. I used  Mailerlite on many of my personal sites for contact forms long before I began a business site.  If you’re new to blogging, it’s an excellent ESP to get started with.

Aweber, imdadwrites


If you’re like me you get a lot of newsletters. If you’re starting a newsletter, subscribing to some of the more renowned ones helps a lot.

My favorite is Total Anarchy by Ann Handley. It’s smart and funny. She offers tons of tips and really gives any newbie a clear idea of what a newsletter should look like. She’s hosted her newsletter on Aweber for years and it’s an excellent platform.

The archive link
The statistics
Overall simplicity to prepare and schedule Campaigns/Broadcasts.
Being able to schedule social media posts (Twitter only)
Support was Awesome

Unable to customize the archive link even under a paid plan
Social Media linking was limited

In the end it was the lack of customization and the social media limitations that killed it for me.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

To be honest, there’s a lot to like about Constant Contact.

Everything is well organized on the Dashboard. The stats stand out and are easy to find.

Linking with various social media accounts was simple.

No web archive unless you pay for it. So, I paid.

Then I found you had to configure it using a plug. Ok do me!

It was tiny and difficult to read.

Their support is hidden away. They have a lot of phone numbers (who uses phone support any more?)

No email, no contact form, no chat and even when I did post on Twitter to them which was part of their instructions no one ever replied.

Customers have been complaining about this for years and have been ignored. So, not very cool at all. Connecting with your vender should be simple.


ConvertKit Review

One of the essential things to know about ConvertKit is it was started by professional blogger, Nathan Barry. He is one of the designers who kept creators in mind when he had his vision. 

Another great point to consider is Email Strategist Val Geisler was one of the early members of the ConvertKit team who helped give the platform founders direction. 

Now, here’s my guess:

It’s been a while since you started blogging.  You’ve discovered that you want to begin your email list. 

I know that ConvertKit will help you succeed!

Maybe an email list isn’t what you were thinking about, let alone boosting its growth.

Maybe finding ways to make money is more the focus of your blog right now.

Here’s the thing, and it’s no secret anymore – there’s money in that list.

No matter if you are a blogger, entrepreneur, or lifestyler the one thing you want to do. Your email list should be your top priority. 

I can already hear you saying, “Yeah, but..”

No, having something to sell isn’t necessary. 

Even having a large variety of trending tools or services aren’t needed to make super cool opt-ins or landing pages.

This is the exact right time for this review on ConvertKit to come to you. Just to be helpful. 

There’s no coding to use ConvertKit which means everything is super simple. I find using ConvertKit is a breeze because everything is right there from options for landing pages to all kinds of opt-ins – they’ve got your back no matter what your need!

Email Achieves Personal Connections With Your Subscribers 

Let’s talk about gaining a deeper understanding of your audience to begin this review of ConvertKit.

As bloggers, we find many different topics to share on our blogs.

We create posts that are jam packed with info and what’s more have gorgeous Pin images hoping someone will read it, comment, share and want to find out more about our blog and us.

Email Outranks Social Media Every Time

You know that you don’t own your social media followers, but your email list is yours alone. If Twitter, Facebook or any social media platform decides to shut down, then your followers are gone. 

Or worse yet, what if they kick you out! It’s happened to me on a few platforms and getting back in is not always easy. 

What’s more, on social media you are competing for their attention along with every other marketer. With email you have 100% of their attention in their inbox. It’s really that simple. 

Did you know that only the cream of the cream makes it into most subscribers’ inboxes? So, it’s a small win for you when they click to open on your email and read it! And, you know what?

One sure way to boost your deliverability rates is by using ConvertKit. Unlike other ESPs that fall flat at entering your audience’s inbox consistently, if at all. With ConvertKit you can be sure your email doesn’t end up under the promo tab in Gmail, or someone’s junk folder.

Email Outperforms Every Other Marketing Channel

Is earning money from your blog one of your goals?

Maybe affiliate marketing is part of your plan. Or perhaps there’s an eCourse you’ve been thinking of creating or an eBook you’ve thought of writing. No matter what kind of product, digital or not, the stats consistently show that conversion rates are higher for email than other marketing channels.


People generally sign up to your email list for specific purposes. That makes email personal. And by being authentic, transparent, and getting personal with your audience you’ll find they don’t leave your list. And they will be buying from you over and over again.

With ConvertKit, this process is easy and seamless.

My 2021 ConvertKit Review

Now we come to the winning ESP. Let’s look at 3 big factors that show why switching to ConvertKit should be for you.

1. ConvertKit is Free to Use For Up to 1 Month

ConvertKit Review

You are eligible for one month free When you use my ConvertKit link! That’s a great deal, if you’re thinking of switching email providers.

Need a free level? Yes, ConvertKit has that!

You can get started with ConvertKit and while you check it out you grow your email list for free! 

Imagine growing your email list while using ConvertKit during that one-month free trial

Not sure you can boost your list that fast?

When you join ConvertKit, they step you  through the use of their platform and even give you tips on how to create your opt-ins.

How much is the monthly fee for ConvertKit? After the free trial, the Creator plan is offered for your first 1,000 subscribers for only $29/month.

2. No Tech Needed to Create  Landing Pages and Opt-ins

designer, creator, imdadwrites, convertkit review

Really! Just put that Yeah, but to bed. No more panicked text messages or emails for your web developer. When it comes to making you a Lady #Boss ConvertKit rocks 

ConvertKit let’s you turn your blog into a fempreneur blog with ease! Such a profesh look and feel that just empowers you, right?

Plus, you’ll discover even more ins and outs when you join ConvertKit. For Example:

  • Automations are a breeze to set up. 
  • Tag your subscribers easily without paying for subscribers twice. Even if they sign up for more than one offer. 
  • This method helps nurture your list. And provide the right content to the right subscriber. And, ultimately, the BEST value.
  • Super simple to create an email series. They are called sequences in ConvertKit. It’s perfect for a welcome series to introduce new subscribers to your list and free email courses.
  • ConvertKit makes segmenting easy for your list. It makes it so you can easily send newsletters to only a part of your list by using tags. 
  • You can make an opt-ins in a few clicks and insert it into your blog post quickly. 

3. Trigger Links - Bonus Feature

If you’re ready to sell your own product or use affiliate links. ConvertKit is the platform that makes it easy to set up trigger links. You use these to identify subscribers who still want to be on your email list, but don’t want to get your launch emails or pitches.

Maybe they aren’t interested in the affiliate products you are promoting in your emails. This remarkable feature reduces your churn rate keeping your valuable subscribers on your list. 

And because they opt-out of one launch, doesn’t mean they will opt-out on another one, these trigger links are the win-win you want to use.

My 2021 Convertkit Review for Women Bloggers

Lady Bosses, ConvertKit is the platform that can make it happen for you! Their platform is a breeze to use (even for someone who is tech illiterate), and it’s straightforward. When you are time-starved running a busy site, this is the perfect way to automate your business growth. And, you can’t go wrong with getting a month free to try ConvertKit out! I just know you’ll love it!

Tell me in the comments if you’ve taken the leap to try ConvertKit and if my Convertkit review led you to do it.