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Hey there! Welcome to Imdad Writes by Lori Imdad

I am a freelance writer, blogger, content marketing writer, and inbound certified conversion freelance writer. Businesses rely on my freelance writing to get fresh content whether that’s new product pages or blog posts on their site.

I help brands tell their stories with compelling content that engages readers, delivers value, and keeps visitors coming back for more.

I write about information technology, cloud computing, digital marketing, cybersecurity, content management systems, business, legal, lifestyle, and cover both services and products presented in a way that your customers understand.

My writing will carry them through their buyer’s journey keeping them attracted, interested, and desiring your product until they take action to buy.



As a business owner you know that fresh content drives customers to your website. Product pages are a part of that. 

Experts say that blogging once a week (minimum) keeps customers coming back. 

It’s where they learn more about your services. 

Get tutorials and competitive information. 

Engage with your company.

Sign up for your newsletter. 

 That’s the customer journey. 

All the steps that lead to them pressing BUY.

So, long as you are selling to people you’ll have customer issues. Some days will be excellent and others, well you know. 

From filing taxes to all the legal stuff that goes with running a business, some days it’s all piled on due to needing be in compliance. 

With everyone pulling you in a different direction, there are days when nothing get’s done on the content end of things. You know it’s true. I can see you nodding as you’re reading this.

 Hi! I’m Lori

I’m a  blogger and content writer who knows SEO and how inbound marketing can help you grow your business.  I know technology, can write for business and on a variety of topics to get fresh information on your website when you need it. 

Have you met AIDA? AIDA is the key to SEO Writing and Gary Halbert known for The Boron Letters explained it like this:

AIDA stand for?


So, to make it clearer your letter should:

1. Get his attention

2. Get him interested

3. Make him desire what you are selling

4. Compel him to take whatever action is needed to get whatever it is you are selling.”

Attracting an audience and engaging with them is what it’s all about. 

Let's Talk!

Hiring a content writer comes with a lot of additional headache. The truth is all you need is someone to write the article, may be put in draft mode on your WordPress site, so all you need to due is review, make small edits and publish. 

That takes a huge load off your shoulders, doesn’t it.